About us

TEATERi was founded in 1997 by several professional actors and directors in Jönköping, Sweden
with different national backgrounds. The group produces several shows a year for a young
audience ranging between 6 and 19 years old but that also appeals to a regular audience.
Among earlier productions we find the critically acclaimed Speak! It’s so dark, The Best Funerals in the
World, Tuesdays with Morrie and The Arrival. The repertoire is decided by a Repertory Council led
by Artistic Directors Christian Arin and Vera Veljovic.

TEATERi’s home is Jönköping’s Old Theatre built in 1904. But we tour all over in Sweden and also
internationally. We are members of Assitej and Teatercentrum Väst. We are financially supported
by Swedish Arts Council, With the support of Swedish arts Council, Region Jönköping Council and Culture and leisure Jönköpings Kommun